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Why you should move to Duluth, Georgia

You have every reason to relocate to Duluth, a city in Georgia with a rich history.

Homely city

This fast-growing city retains a stable, family-focused environment, particularly beneficial to your young ones growth and development. Duluth is one of the best and most affordable suburbs in Georgia with a well-organized school system and well-developed infrastructure. With indoor and outdoor attractions for the kids, Duluth is a tight-knit community where you will feel instantly at home.

Vibrant downtown

A visit to Town Green in the city’s vibrant downtown will thrust you into a world of free festivals, concerts, movies and other entertainment activities.
You and your family can enjoy a picnic lunch, listen to a band, or play in the fountain on a hot summer day or even have once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience and sightseeing small town landmarks.
Your young ones will have a great time splashing in the breath-taking water fountain, while you listen to live music at the outdoor amphitheater.
The annual Duluth Fall Festival whose concerts, parades and 5-kilometre run will keep you all enthralled with the city.

Duluth’s rich heritage

You have a good opportunity of learning the city’s rich heritage, including the history of the native Cherokees-the city’s first residents- by visiting the Duluth Historical Society and Museum.
You can go on a tour through the city or just relax and enjoy its splendor, including some of the activities the Society and Museum, organize such as the National Train Day and Festival of Trees.
Your kids will learn a lot and have great fun at the South-eastern Railway Museum, including a demonstration train ride.

Outdoor games

Perhaps more importantly, Duluth’s wild outdoors, including parks, trails and golf courses gives you an opportunity to walk, jog or play for fun or as an exercise. For instance, the Taylor Park, set opposite the Duluth City Hall, has a miniature train set and depot.
Affordable life
Duluth is an affordable option if you want to live near Atlanta, Georgia, and yet you still want to have that small town feel. Indeed, the city boasts a median income of $60,161, while the median home value is $174,200.
It has adequate housing ranging from affordable housing for the low-end market to the luxurious high-end housing, both of which provide you with convenient living.

Service delivery and social harmony

The city is rated highly in service delivery, rejuvenation of its downtown area, which has proven popular with its residents. Duluth is an epitome of social harmony since it is a multi-cultural city. It has a large minority population.


Just like in many Southern cities, the weather is one of the issues that will make you uncomfortable in Duluth, Georgia.
For instance, you will have to put up with a fairly slightly high heat and humidity, short winters and extreme weather changes.

We at Georgia Roof Pro, local Duluth GA roofers are extremely proud to be part of a community such as Duluth, we simply had to create this post and highlight all the benefits of living here.

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