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I had a hole in my roof for ages.  I live alone so I am the only one who could care about it and I honestly didn’t until it started to leak. I have no experience with problems on the roof, so I had no idea who to call. Luckily, I came across Georgia Roof Pro over the Internet. They were easy to reach, and my roof was repaired only a few days later.

Jacob Williams ★★★★★

There is six of us, and it’s always crowded at our house. My husband and I are super busy and our kids are teenagers, so their mind is pretty much preoccupied. My parents are not able to walk on the roof and inspect it, so hardly anyone ever checked the state of our roof. That was of course until we noticed missing shingles. Georgia Roof Pro was at our home in no time, and we avoided a massive leak from the storm which came later that week.  Roofers were incredibly kind, and we are so satisfied!

Serena Johnson ★★★★★

I am seventy years old, and I don’t spend my days inspecting my roof, but I was well aware that it had to be replaced. I live alone, and I’ve been procrastinating with a replacement for months. However, once I had to catch water with a bucket, I knew it was time. My children recommended Georgia Roof Pro, so I contacted them. My roof was done two days later- do I have to say more?

Bill Witherman ★★★★★

My roommate and I are both in college, and we rented a small house together. However, nobody told us how hard it is to take care of the house! We could handle the cleaning of the whole house, but once the roof leaked, we panicked. My roommate came across Georgia Roof Pro, and we called right away. Their prices were reasonable, and our roof was fixed fast. We even got some information on how to take care of our gutters to avoid the damage again. A plus!

Catherine White ★★★★★

A  year ago, we hired the wrong contractor for installing a metal roof. He did a pretty poor job and disappeared with our money. We managed to go a whole year without roof replacement because we knew it was a big investment, and we couldn’t go through it again. Our friend recommended Georgia Roof Pro, and we have finally decided to give it a try. Today, we have a brand new roof, installed correctly and we even got a warranty!

Javier ★★★★★


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