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Slate Roofing in Georgia

Modern, innovative, and accomplished Slate Roofing in Gwinnett County with a number of years of experience in the field of roof design, installation, repair, and maintenance.

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Why Should You Invest in Slate Roofing?

The kind of residential roofing in question is made from slate, a naturally occurring homogeneous rocky material generated from a blend of minerals such as quartz, muscovite, and pyrite. Slate roofing have been known to please customers who look for enduring, long-lasting roofing that give their home a touch of rustic beauty at the same time. Houses with slate shingle or tile roofing usually stand out among dull-looking, uninteresting asphalt-covered buildings, and that’s what makes them attractive to those who seek aesthetic beauty when purchasing residential roofing.

Slate roofings also tend to increase the value of the property of the house you’re trying to sell – for the very same reasons that make them appealing: endurance and appearance. If you are trying to put your house for resale in a few years, and are looking for a new roof solution for it, then slate roofing is the perfect choice for you.

At Georgia Roof Pro, we value the quality of the materials we use to create your perfect roofing. That’s why the service of installment and maintenance of slate roofing with us upholds the highest standards in the residential roofing industry.

If you wish to install or repair slate roofing on your commercial building, wait no longer and contact us today. Our professionals will know what do with your roof and provide you with the best possible service.Other types of residential roofing we do are metal, slate, tile, shingle, flat and clay roofing.

How Can Slate Roofing Benefit Your House

The beauty and physical properties natural slate material offers are among the most cited advantages of slate roofings. Not only does it greatly improve the general outward aspects of the house, but it vastly increase the house’s rating on the market – thanks to slate roofing you’ve implemented on your house, you will be able to resell it for a greater price. The color and shape of slate tiles have a very wide range, which allows for greater flexibility when it comes to designing your roof of choice.

Since slate is a naturally occurring type of stone, its longevity surpasses those of other material used in residential roofing. Slate roofings have been known to last up to a century, which is a lot more than most modern types of roofing. The exceptional durability of slate ensures no intemperate weather conditions or sudden increases or decreases in temperature harm the roofing system. When speaking about maintenance costs, roofing with slate tiles will require no extensive care done on them, since they are basically impervious to any kind of natural liabilities. They are also fire-resistant and provide excellent electric insulation.

If installed properly and treated with care, slate roofing should not break or damage at all. However, some roofing contractors do not have the experience and knowledge needed to adequately install slate roofing. Also, the fragility of slate may bring to the destruction of your roof – you should not attempt to step on them if you’re not a professional. The final drawback to slate roofing is the heavy weight which requires extra support to be installed in your house to be able to withstand the heavy slate roofing.

More About Georgia Roof Pro

We are a company that values our customers and sees their satisfaction as one of their priorities in business. This is the reason we put all of our efforts to improve the quality of our work, to come up with new techniques and technology, and, subsequently, to make sure you get what you asked for, and that is only the best products and services in residential roofing.

If you are looking for a roofing solution for a commercial or an industrial building, do not look any longer – we also make commercial roofing solutions possible. Alongside our roofing solutions, we take pride in the first-rate services we offer to our customers, such as roof repair and roof replacement.

Our locations include Lawrenceville, Dacula, Grayson, Buford, Sugar Hill and Duluth, all located in Gwinnett County service area. If you are in need of a new residential roofing solution, and you are a resident of Gwinnett County, make sure to contact us and ensure your building gets the treatment it deserves.

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