Types of residential roofing systems

Choosing the best sweater for the season is a difficult task, selecting the color of your bedroom is even more challenging. If such small choices seem as such tiresome duties, what could one say about choosing the perfect residential roof for your household in Lawrenceville?

Every day a new option appears, be it a new style that has emerged from the depths of the roofing industry, a innovation in coloring that may prove to be revolutionary or a new way to reduce the notorious urban heat-island effect.

Although choices are many, there are three categories in which they could be placed. Further down you will find a brief overview of each category.

Roof styles

When speaking of style, the first thing that usually comes to mind is fashion or aesthetics. And that would be correct. When it comes to roofing, roof styles represent different shapes and sizes among the many roofs available.

Today, aesthetics is no longer merely a tool to measure one’s beauty without holding a functional value. For example, thanks to the many advances in the field of pigmentation, certain colors are more suitable for certain environments. That is because they can either absorb or reflect light.

Some things stay the same, so a roof still has to be able to support all the other hidden features of your home. Insulation, ventilation, piping, electricity and other functions all may hide beneath the roof.

Generally speaking, there are a few main types.

First of all, a gable roof is considered to be most popular. When describing it, you would usually say it looks like the inverted letter V. It is most popular in areas with long winters, because of their steeper slope.

Second of all, a popular modern-day roof is a flat roof. Found usually topping urban houses, it’s value is recognized in commercial roofing systems. Its main characteristic is that it has little to no pitch and is usually paired with rubber roofing systems.

Third of all, there is the hip roof. A textbook example of a hip roof would be the one with four sloping sides that can form either a square or a rectangular shape. Contractors deem this type to be one of the most difficult when it comes to the constructing and building process.

Other types that exist are the gambrel roof, the folded plate roof, butterfly roof, winged gable roof, shed roof, and the mansard roof.


Roof materials

The second category you should pay attention to are the materials. The material of choice should be something that you find both pleasing to the eye and functional, considering your surroundings. The main factor is the slope of your roof.

Asphalt shingles used to be the most popular material because of their low price and easy maintenance. They are perfect for roofs with a high pitch and are still very common in the US.

A rising star in the roofing industry are the metal roofing systems. Because of their ability to be eco-friendly and financially acceptable, they are slowly climbing their ranks. The most popular metals are steel, copper, tin and aluminum.

A wood shake roof is your typical everyday weatherproof roof. On the outside, you can see the specific overlapping of the material. Such a distinguishable feature brings about more maintenance.


Roof pitch

The most distinguishable feature of a roof is certainly its pitch. An area which offers the least choices still manages to dictate all the other categories, as above mentioned.

Generally speaking, there are three main types of slopes.

The first one being a flat roof. As the name suggests, it’s the roof with almost or no slope at all. Professionally speaking, it includes any pitch up to 2:12 ratio.

The second type of slopes is the low slope. Its specter includes any pitch between a 4:12 to 2:12 ratio.

The last type is the steep slope roof. It is a high-pitched roof that includes any roof between a 4:12 to 21:12 ratio.

Before making any sudden changes now that you’ve become an expert, you should still arrange a consultation to acquire a professional opinion.

By choosing Georgia Roofing Pro as your Lawrenceville roofing contractor, you are making sure your roof will be handled professionally, that the materials used will be only high-quality products. Most importantly, you will have found a roofing contractor you are happy making business with, a roofing contractor for life.



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