Can new roofing technologies change the world?

Our planet is, unfortunately,  in the worst state it has ever been in. While technology changed lives, made everything easier and gave us a lot of new opportunities, it also marked the future of Earth as a disaster. This trend of „us“ over before „ nature“ got a grip of every industry segment, and roofing one is not an exception. However, lately, a lot of people came to the realization that we have to change something and those people came up with amazing things to the Earth as well. As we said, you can’t find an industry that is not affected by the rapid development of technology, pick any field, and you will recognize the consequences. Since roofing is our focus, we want to introduce to you newer roofing technologies that have the ability to help our planet while acting just like a regular roofing system. These two innovations are slowly winning over people from the United States but also wider. According to words by Georgia Roof Pro, Gwinnett county residential company even residential properties are eligible to install these roofing systems. We are talking about the solar and the green roofing and this article will teach you all you need to know about them.


The first one we are focusing on is the solar roof. While human race is constantly trying to find new sources of energy,  we seem to forget that we are under the main and the biggest one. The Sun. Exploiting became standard in today’s society, so few people understand that the unrenewable sources of energy will not be here forever. That small percentage of individuals who are aware of the facts came up with an idea of solar roofing. The first version of this technology are solar panels that are still widely used and serves as an inspiration for creating roof tiles. Solar tiles are covered in thin layer of film solar cells or water based silicone solar cells. This technology allows the tiles to seize the sunlight and turn it into electricity and heat.  There is a lot of benefits that this roofing system offers, even to businesses. The first one being lower bills and energy efficiency. This contributes both to the homeowner and the quality of the environment. It is also extremely durable and long lasting. So, why not use the best of both worlds?


Just as incredible as the solar roof is green roofing. Green roof represents the ultimate combination of amazing visual appeal and efficiency. The structure of the green roof is unique because of the layers. Each layer is important, and the whole system can’t work if all the layers aren’t correctly installed. There are eight layers and some of it the engineered soil, different fabrics that prevent clogging, waterproof membrane and, of course, the soul of the roof: the vegetation. There is a lot of good things that this roofing system brings to you. First, it is durable, and you will not have to spend additional money on the repairs, but on hanging out with your family and friends, secondly, it acts as an isolator, meaning it will save you money. The structure will isolate your home from both overheating and freezing, so you will not have to spend as much on air conditioning and heating. Let’s not forget about the environment. The green roof has the ability to fight off acid rains which destroy forests and grassy surfaces. It also helps reduce the carbon monoxide levels in the air, making your lifestyle healthier each moment.

The message!

Both of these roofing technologies are a beautiful sign how there are still people out there caring for the world, giving their everything to save what’s left of it. Green and solar roofing are way more than just new ways of putting up a roof; they represent a will, struggle and strive for a better and more aware society. And honestly, that’s the only way we can continue our existence. With any further question contact your Georgia Roof Pro top roofing contractor in Gwinnett County, GA and find out what is the best roofing solution for your home.

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