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Being a roofer is an exciting call that counts in many benefits as well as a few drawbacks. Without thinking none of us at Georgia Roof Pro, a top local Lawrenceville, GA roofer would change our profession as it offers us profound experience in dealing with unexpected situations and various types of people. Being a roofer is a neverending adventure because no problem and house are ever the same. There is a misconception that we spend our days on the roof under the intense sun or heavy rain that is just a part of our job ( which is adventurous). We do much more regarding roofing materials, research done on new roofing solutions, different conventions and gatherings we attend it is all part of our job.

However, being on the roof takes a significant amount of time in our daily routine. Even though we are trained, skilled and taught how to behave correctly in order to prevent any injury, it is still a risk being  30 feet above the ground.  

To protect our fellow roofers and various companies we decided to bring you a short overview of medical facilities and centers in Gwinnett County.


Georgia, in general, has an enviable number of medical facilities. Wherever you are in the state of Georgia, you can rest knowing your state has a quality medical service either right in your city or very close to it. There are various specialized hospitals: psychiatrist hospitals, long-term and rehabilitation hospitals, acute care medical centers, state hospitals and particular veterans and military hospitals. One of the most significant medical organizations is the Emory Healthcare. It is the largest health care provider on the land of Georgia including six big hospitals in which there are 70 subspecialties.


For our roofing crew, we have no fear Gwinnett County is well equipped with medical centers that are just a few miles away from our company.  Three main medical centers serve this area: Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Medical Center in Duluth and the Eastside Medical Center that is a former Emory Eastside Medical Center. We are going to list some of the most prominent general hospitals as well as two most important specialized centers in Gwinnett County.


This 553 bed health care network is a critical health provider in the Gwinnett County with its facilities all over the place including Lawrenceville, Hamilton Mill, Duluth, Johns Creek and the metro Atlanta area. Except for being a medical hub of the county, the center is also notable for having the first hospital for women in Atlanta Metropolitan area, The Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion, on its campus. History of the medical center goes back 70 years in the past, and it first emerged as the Joan Glancy Memorial Hospital. Today, it is a leading medical center when it comes to single incision laparoscopic surgery and cardiovascular operation.It includes several specialized centers in the county like the Gwinnett Extended Care Center ( a nursing home ) and Glancy Rehabilitation Center. Center in Duluth is known for the specialized service in the areas of surgical weight removal, sports medicine, and innovative da Vinci robotic surgery.


Located in Snellville and formerly known as the  Emory Eastside Medical Center, this center has about 294 beds, and it practices general and surgical medicine. In 2011 Hospital Corporation of America purchased this healthcare providing facility.


Proving Gwinnett’s fit out there is a Summitridge hospital located in Lawrenceville. It offers high-quality services concerning mental health and various addictions. Summitridge provides care for teen, adolescents and adult patients that can be practiced both in the hospital or outside the hospital’s area.


Northside Hospital is well-ranked hospital serving the Atlanta metropolitan area. With the expansion of the radiology services, Northside Hospital opened a medical facility in Buford dedicated to radiology practices. Northside imaging center in Buford offers digital screening mammography, digital X-ray screening, bone densitometry and tomography services for the patients of the Gwinnett County.


Final words

From our perspective, Gwinnett County represents a modern and well-equipped area for its residents. Three primary medical centers ( Gwinnett Medical Center Lawrenceville and Duluth and Eastside Medical Center in Snellville) provide high-quality care for patients, no matter what their problem is. Northside Imaging Center and Summitridge hospital prove that Gwinnett is on a right way to becoming a real medical hub!


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