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Sometimes people, even the Americans, forget that the United States is much more than just New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other famous big cities you often see on TV. It’s much more than Hollywood and big screens. We love those cities as well, but that doesn’t mean we forget about the small towns which make the heart of the America we know. Each time we spread our business to a new city, we feel proud, no matter if it’s small or big. That’s why we want to highlight the beauty and role of a small town called Duluth located in our state of Georgia.


The story of how Duluth was created is a nice one. It revolves around a man and his family. The man- Evan Howell, moved to Gwinnett County with his family in late 1821. That very moment was the one when the roots of Duluth began to exist. Howell settled with his family and built his home near the Chattahoochee River, the very river where Duluth is today. He was a trigger and example for other homeowners to move here and take over the lands where Cherokee and Creek Indians left their footsteps. The land of nothing soon evolved into a place filled with rich farmers and prosperous farms. This wasn’t enough for Evan Howell who continually tried to find ways for Duluth to grow and profit. That’s why he was determined to build a road, and when he finally got a permission and finished the work, his road was named Howell’s Cross Roads. Residents called it that way because it joined the road coming from Lawrenceville. Later in future, Howell’s grandson played a crucial role in the making of the official Duluth.  He was asked to rename the road his grandfather built because of the circumstances that appeared in Duluth, Minnesota. Howell’s grandson, wise as his ancestor,  named the road Duluth and that meant the beginning of Duluth we know today.


Even though Duluth has a beautiful history, it’s today that matters. Evan Howell would be out of his mind with happiness if he only knew that the city of Duluth is one the many „ best places to move“ lists. For us doing business there, it is no surprise. The quality and life standards are high, and there is a lot to do in Duluth, GA. It’s a small suburb of Atlanta, located 20 min from Downtown Atlanta which offers residents of Duluth many job opportunities. Around 26 thousand people are living in this town, and they can spend their free time in seven big parks which offer many recreative activities like tennis or swimming. For visitors, Duluth can also be a great spot. They can enjoy the annual Fall Festival which takes place in the city center. On a regular day, they can visit the Cultural Center, Hudgens Center, Infinite Energy Arena and so on.  Of course, it’s near big Atlanta, so a road trip to Atlanta is a must.  All in all, Duluth, GA represents a perfect mix of old and the new- it has the best of both worlds, and Georgia Roof Pro is happy to serve this beautiful town


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