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Each city in the United States is exceptional for something, and each has something to offer. When we say „each“ we truly mean every town in the US. And not just giants like New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and so on. While we love and appreciate them as well, we feel the need to highlight the importance and beauty of those smaller cities, often neglected. Georgia Roof Pro sees potential and beauty in any city we spread our services to, and Duluth in Georgia is no different. So, that’s why we decided to represent to you this small town and what it has to offer.


Back in 1821, Evan Howell took his family and moved to Gwinnett County from North Carolina. It was that exact moment when the Duluth began to exist, of course, not officially. Howell built his home next to the Chattahoochee River and settled in the lands where, many years ago, Cherokee Indians lived. Following his path, a lot of other people moved to the Gwinnett County as well. That’s how the Indian Woodlands began to grow and expand. Soon, it became a place filled with rich farms and crude cabins. Evan Howell played a crucial role in Duluth’s story because he insisted on building a road. When he finally got his permission, and the road was built, the locals named it Howell’s Cross Roads because it joined the Lawrenceville Road. A little way in the future, Duluth ( which still wasn’t officially known as Duluth) got his first railroad. Howell’s grandson was asked to rename the road his grandfather built because of the tense circumstances Duluth, Minnesota was in. He wisely named the road Duluth and therefore the city as we know it today was born.


The city of Duluth continued to grow and develop. So, today it can be found on Forbes list of „ America’s best places to move“ and it’s not there without reason. Duluth can be found in Gwinnett County in the state of Georgia. It is a relatively small city with approximately 26 thousands residents.  Right next to the alpha City or Atlanta, Duluth represents a perfect suburb. You would say there is nothing to see there judging by the size. However, there are many points of interest in Duluth, Ga.  If you are a visitor, you can spend your time visiting Cultural Center,  Hudgens Center for Arts or Gwinnett Medical Center. You can also fill your days by visiting Infinite Energy Arena which is an indoor arena and a home to famous Atlanta Gladiators. What makes Duluth a perfect excursion or a road trip stop is the fact that it’s only 20 mi from Downtown Atlanta.  This city is considered to be a part of Atlanta metropolitan area, and it’s close to Chattahoochee River. Residents love going to annual Fall Festival, and the town has plenty of recreative activities to offer. You can find and play Zumba, ballet, tennis or soccer in any local park and there are seven big ones. We find Duluth, GA to be the perfect place to focus on yourself and profit from everything Duluth offers you. Georgia Roof Pro is happy to have the opportunity to work in Duluth, with close collaboration with such a friendly community and surroundings.


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