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We appreciate the roots of our company and our business. We love knowing where something or someone come from, what’s their story, why do they do what they do and how did they get to here. It is no different with countries, states, and cities. We love expanding our business to many different counties and towns. What we always do it learn about the place we want to expand to. It gives us a chance to get to know the spirit of the city, what residents love and don’t love, what they support and where is the best location to move to. As we spread our business to Duluth in Georgia, we want to publish a bit of the history of this amazing city. We hope you are going to enjoy this walk back in time and start appreciating Duluth even more.

In the year of 1821, Evan Howell, together with his family, came all the way from North Carolina to Gwinnett County. Back in the day when everything happened, Gwinnett County was just created. Why is Howell important in this story? Well, in 1821 he built his home in the lands near the Chattahoochee River and settled there with his family. Many years before the area was inhabited by the Cherokee and Creek Indians.  Howell was, let’s say, an example to others. So many people, now pioneers, began to move and build their homes into Gwinnett. Soon, what was once Indian Woodlands, began to grow and fill with people more and more. It was no longer a land of nothing but a land of prosperous farms and crude cabins. Howell’s role doesn’t stop here. Ten years after, in 1833, he applied to the Interior Court to construct a road from the Chattahoochee River. Luckily, he succeeded and got permission. The road was supposed to promote public good because of easier access for travelers and commuters. When the road was built, the locals gave it the name Howell’s Cross Roads because it joined the Lawrenceville Road. In 1871 the railroad came to the city of Duluth, and the old name was lost. The story of a railroad is interesting as well. After it had been completed, Evan Howell ( grandson of the first Howell) was asked to give the town a new name. In that period, there was a lot of public quarrels over the Duluth, Minnesota because of their railroad. So, wisely, Howell decided to use that and rename his grandfather’s road to Duluth. And that’s how the city of Duluth was founded. It became to develop and grow rapidly.

The motto of residents today is „ Pride in Old and New. “The residents here appreciate the history of their city, and we do too.  Georgia Roof Pro is exhilarated to serve an amazing city like Duluth and to contribute to Duluth’s economy and growth. Georgia Roof Pro will now help each and every client in need of a new roof, roof repair, residential and commercial installation and so on. After all, we are just a few blocks away from your home!.

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