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Georgia Roof Pro is all about giving opportunities. We love giving our clients opportunities to create life memories under their new roof, opportunity to save money and profit in the long run.  We are just as happy when we are given an opportunity just like we have been provided in the city of Duluth in Georgia.  Each time we spread our business, we become bigger and stronger. New roofers, new technologies, new people and new surrounding gives us a push in the right direction. To be honest, there is no wrong direction when it comes to Duluth, Georgia.


It is no wonder that Forbes ranked Duluth 26th in the list of! America’s Best Places to Move“ in 2009.  Duluth is a small city located in Gwinnett County in Georgia. It counts 26 thousand inhabitants, and it’s considered to be a suburb of an alpha city - Atlanta. Duluth is a home to many points of interest like Cultural Center, Hudgens Center for Arts, Infinite Energy Arena- indoor arena and a home to Atlanta Gladiators, Gwinnett Medical Center and so on. Duluth’s location is also an excellent one since it’s located in the Atlanta metropolitan area. It’s about 20 mi from Downtown Atlanta and right next to the Chattahoochee River. You can easily travel to Atlanta, so many people commute for job opportunities. When it comes to demographics, Duluth ( just like the entire Atlanta area) seems to be diverse. Diversity is what makes this area special and welcoming to everyone. Duluth is a small city, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer.  On example, tourism blooms in Fall when the annual Fall Festival is held in the town center. People also like to visit because of The Southeastern Railway Museum which is Georgia’s official transportation museum. It’s no wonder that Duluth is on many – best places to move- lists. After all, it is a city with high-quality education institutions, it’s relatively clean, and it has an excellent transportation network. It offers a high life standard- it has many recreative parks and in the era when a humankind does the least physical activity ever, it matters.  The city has seven parks in which they can do tennis, Zumba, ballet or even swimming at the West Gwinnett Aquatic Center. Even though it is not the biggest city, it has headquarters of many companies like AGCO- the Agricultural manufacturer, Tetra Tech, Broadcom, Primerica, Barco and so on.

We at Georgia Roof Pro like to describe Duluth as a mix of familiar and modern. It’s a perfect place to focus on yourself, start a family, enjoy the holidays and rest. But at the same time, it offers plenty urban content and fun to both residents and visitors.

We are happy and proud to be serving such an amazing community of people, and we hope to continue doing so for many years. Residents of Duluth, Georgia you can now rest knowing you have the best roofing company right around the corner.


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