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      Georgia Roof Pro, expect for installing roofs, loves educating others on interesting and important house design topics.  We try to balance our content and make sure everyone finds something that interests him/her. However, with all that roof installation we need your help

      We are looking for guest writers to help us broaden our blog and enrich it, so our visitors could have the best experience! If you are an interior designer or just lover, if you love doing DIY projects, if you believe in sustainable home improvements- then join us!

      We want to shape our website into a platform for all home design lovers! And we need you to contribute. For the best quality of your work follow our guidelines:


      Georgia Roof Pro values originality. We are looking only for original content: no stolen paragraphs or ideas. We believe you have enough knowledge and will to write your own article- and that it will be amazing!

      Topics can seem problematic since we are a roofing company. However, there are plenty of themes that you could cover: from green building,  eco-friendly home systems, tips and tricks for interior design, improving functionality of your roof and home, modern roofing systems, DIY projects, etc


      • We recommend you to fit your ideas into a frame of 300 to 1000 words per article. This way you will follow your thoughts easier.
      • Use H2, H3, H4 headings to split your article into paragraphs- this will contribute to clarity and readers will follow the text easier.
      • Georgia Roof Pro allows one outbound link per article. We prefer it at the bottom of your text and related to the topics.
      • The most important thing is to keep it natural.
      • If you decide to bring your article to life by using images, there are certain rules. Your own photos must be royalty-free.Photos that you took from the Internet have to contain a link as a credit.


      We reserve all rights to edit your submission so we could adjust it to our personal style and the formatting of our website. We won’t change your content but only adjust it according to our priorities and preferences.

      While we don’t pay for guest posting, we offer you experience and opportunity to share your story, advice or knowledge!

      Contribute to Georgia Roof Pro- gather you own readers while helping us produce high-quality website content! We are looking forward to reading your articles! Send your work to: matt@georgiaroofpro.com

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