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As an experienced roofing company, we have become quite used to strong competition. Today, you can have as many as forty roofing companies based in one county like Gwinnett. We do not think this in a bad way, on the contrary, the competition makes us who we are today. Rivalry (in a good way) forces us to constantly improve our services, upgrade our marketing, work on the communication between clients and the company, additionally we at Georgia Roof Pro, commercial roofing company in Gwinnett county train our staff, to be better at commercial but as well at residential roofing.

So, the competition is needed, and without it, roofing industry and the roofing market would no exist. However, there is another type of competition that we do not approve of. Roofing scams and scammers have become more spread and active now than ever. We believe that any legitimate and licensed roofer has the definite opinion as we do. These „roofers“ significantly ruin the industry, cause a major disbalance in the whole roofing market and lower the importance of entire roofing business. We worry about our clients, and we want to help them notice these scams and avoid it. The worst thing is that scammers have practiced their cheats and tricks so well that their words sound entirely logical and trustworthy. We want to change that, and today we are bringing to you three most common roofing scams so you could avoid them.

Maybe the shadiest scammers are, so called, storm chasers. They have performed their scams so many times and practiced the whole act so much that even we could fall for it. Storm chasers are roofers whose secret is watching and following the weather forecast continually. When a big hurricane is announced or a massive snow storm, they pack their equipment and bags and appear in the city hit by a storm. Their strategy is simple; offer your service at the right time, in the right place. People are devastated after their roof is ripped off or the entire house is flooded, and they want a quick solution, right away. That is why storm chasers have so much success. To be even shadier, storm chasers give their numbers and leave the city knowing that they did a bad job and knowing that the person will call again after another storm.

This next one is maybe the most obvious one, but for some reason people just ignore it. Since most of the clients are not professional roofers, scammers know that there is a small chance of getting caught in a lie. That’s why they overcharge you a service and explain deeply how it is a completely regular price for that kind of service. Of course, they give you freedom to check that information, but you probably won’t take it because you decided to trust them due to the high pressure. It is a normal thing that we use others as a source of information and knowledge if we, ourselves, don’t know the topic very well.

Last but not least, the „ this, those and that“ strategy, meaning you will call a handyman for one thing on your roof let’s say one broken shingle. But as soon as he finishes, he will inform you that you also have this pipe to repair, those vents to check and that gutter to unclog, so why would he do it right now if he is already here? Sounds familiar? Then you have been trapped before.

We try to open your eyes because roofing scammers do a lot of damage to a whole roofing industry. But except for that, they also take your money and leave you knowing you will have to repair your roof again in just a few months. Be informed and don’t fall for these scams! For any other roofing question and concern, don’t hestiate to give your most trusted Georgia Roof Pro Gwinnett county roofing company in Georgia a call!

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