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Most Common Materials for Commercial Roofing

Roofing needs for commercial buildings are different from those of residential homes. Commercial roofs have other purposes such as storing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, providing access for maintenance, and regular use by the building’s occupants. Georgia Roof Pro, the number one roofing company in Lawrenceville, Georgia, has created this informational blog post for you.
Commercial buildings have special roofing materials including:

Thermoplastic Roofs (TPO)

It is one of the fastest-growing materials for commercial roofing. They come in two versions – Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofs and premature ventricular contraction (PVC). They are durable, lightweight, and reflective.

They are versatile such that you can retrofit (add) them to other existing roofing materials. Easy to install, their seams are durable and will not leak even after 20 years. They are resistant to fire, punctures, chemicals, and high winds. They require minimal maintenance.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofing is a very durable, single ply, synthetic rubber-roofing membrane. It is a low-maintenance roofing material, which is resistant to ozone, ultraviolet (UV), weathering, and abrasion damage. It is one of the most ecologically sustainable roofs.

EPDM roofing is one of the most lightweight and cost effective solutions, which is easy to install. It, however, requires more maintenance than other types of commercial roofing materials.


Modified Bitumen Roofing

This is asphalt reinforced with either polyester or fiberglass. It is resistant to foot traffic and against punctures and tears. It comes in different types, offering different versatility in temperature resistance and durability.

It is resistant to cold temperatures, available in different colors and textures and requires constant inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.

Built up Roof

It is modified bitumen roof except that, while bitumen roof is made up of reinforced asphalt, the built up roof is made up of multiple layers of different materials including felts, fabrics, and mats held together with bitumen. It is usually finished with a weather resistant coating or a mineral cap sheet.

It is resistant to weather elements, punctures, and tears and comes in different finishes. It can give it several different looks and increased performance based on location and weather. They require constant inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.

Metal Roof

It is extremely popular for more industrial style commercial roofs. Metal roofs are highly durable and can last 30 years more than many other types of commercial roofing material. They are weak to foot traffic.

They are fire resistant, stronger, and more durable than other roofs, energy efficient and able to create a sustainable design for the building.

Coated Roof

They are installed over existing roofing material to prolong its life. They are poured in a liquid form over an existing roof and allowed to harden. It is highly reflective, cutting the energy costs. It is durable, which can dramatically increase the lifespan of the roof as a whole.

It is seamless, filling cracks and splits in the roof for a watertight seal. It remains cooler than some other types of roofs, keeping areas below the roof cool. It is extremely cost effective way of repairing an existing roof. They require little to no maintenance.

Solar Panel Roofs

A solar panel roof may mean a roof covered with solar panels or one covered with solar panels and other roofing materials. It taps the sunlight to power the building, cutting down your utility bills.

Solar roofing is, however, expensive to install and requires special angling to get the best light. They are weak to foot traffic and require maintenance, which includes yearly inspections and cleaning.

Green Roofs

They involve covering the entire roof (or just part of it) in living vegetation and soil over a waterproof membrane. It reduces heat in urban areas and provides a green place for people to visit.

They lower energy bills for the building since green roofs tend to stay cooler and lasts two to three times longer than other common roofing materials. It is, however, expensive to maintain.

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