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Best Ways to Design a Home using Indian Carpets

Handmade Carpets are a method to revive the beauty of a home. You don’t need to use much for decorating your room surface after you have a handmade carpet or rugs.

A person can change their look by changing the dress. The dress is the main factor as compared to hair style or similar. You can say the same thing about the carpet. A handmade carpet plays the role of a dress. When you are decorating a new home or renovating an existing one, you need to put some thought and ideas into getting the layout right for each room.

  • Benefits of a handmade carpet: Handmade Carpets are an exclusive and expensive so you may want to purchase a handmade carpet or rugs online.

Handmade carpets have some benefits which you cannot find by using a machine made carpets or any other flooring accessories. They:

  1. Give warmth and cozy touch
    This is the main benefit of using a handmade carpet. Most of the people think that a handmade carpet is only beneficial in winter season but this is not true. You can also use it in summer and during rainy seasons. A handmade carpet protects your feet from a cold surface in winter and from heat surface in summer. This is very useful for you if you have a baby because it gives a cozy touch to your surface so your child can play on it safely. If you use a machine made carpets or other hard flooring solutions, then it can harm your baby because machine made carpets are made by using chemical dyes and polyester.
  2. Reduce Sounds
    If you are living in a place where you are frustrated with sounds, then you can use a handmade rug because it absorbes unwanted sounds which come from outside and give a calm feel to your room.
  3. Give a luxurious look
    Handmade area rugs are available in different designs with several sizes and color combinations. Most of the handmade carpets are “One of a kind” So it gives a unique look.

Why you should use an Indian carpet: Kashmir is known for producing the finest and exclusive Kashmir silk carpets which are woven by using the finest quality of material and Bhadohi District is the hub of handmade carpets.

Ideas for decorating your home interiors by using Indian handmade carpet:

1)    A perfect decoration for a living room:

Before starting the task, divide your time according to room and traffic and then start. So for the perfect living room, you need a perfect Indian handmade carpet. For finding a perfect carpet first decide the exact size of the surface where you want to put it and also decide the theme and color combination of carpet according to room interior. After that, remove all furniture, place your carpet and then put the furniture on it. I recommend a large Indian handmade carpet for the living room so you can cover maximum space of your room surface. You can also use medium size carpet or small carpet.

2)    Renovating a bedroom:

A bedroom is a place you will spend about the third of your life. So you should clean and decorate it. For the bedroom, a medium size carpet is recommended. You can put it in the way that the quarter part of carpet is below the bed and 1/3 part of your carpet is outside. If you want, you can also use small size carpet beside of your bed.

3)    Decorate your Dining Room:

The first way to decorate your dining room is to decorate your dining table using a handmade runner and the second one is to place a handmade Indian area rug on your surface. If you want to put a runner on a table, then you can take a runner and place it in the center of a dining table. For the surface, use a large carpet for the dining room so that if anybody pulls chairs on back side then the carpet is not folded.

4)    Kitchen:

For the kitchen, you can use small carpet or a runner and place it where you stand or sit for making food or cutting vegetables.

5)    Corridor:

For the corridor, use runners.



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